Fraud Detection and Prevention During a COVID 19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic taught us to get access to all necessary services digitally. That also made it easy for fraudsters to get access to one’s account. And to help you in this case, this article brought some tricks to manage fraud detection and preventions that are possible to perform.

How to Identify Fraud?

In the financial crisis, as everyone is evidencing during the pandemic, all three portions of the fraud triangle bring a higher risk for an organization. These three sides contain rationalization, opportunity, and incentive. The increasing incidents of fraud data breaching and other fraudulent activities throughout the pandemic are becoming a hurdle in the growth of the worldwide market.

The following factors must be considered and taken undercover to manage fraud detection:

  • Business proposals from new, anonymous online websites and social media accounts can be fake.
  • A sudden rise in financial downfall resulting from business disruptions or cash flow challenges.
  • Proactive reviews by the customers against the company can also be used to keep a record of anything suspicious happening under your nose.
  • Reduced focus on abidance that triggers contravention of regulations and laws. 

What are the Possible Preventions?

The following are the certain preventions that any organization can undertake to protect itself from fraudsters:

  • Evaluation of internal control environment: Control functions tend to get hampered due to the recent personnel changes like dual authorization or segregation of duties. Taking actions to manage and assure the control environment comes first.
  • Make third parties and contractors your priority: Take charge of ensuring the management is in place for verifying invoices. And also to access the accurate back-up documentation.
  • Stay alert from phishing schemes: In accordance to stay alarmed for cyber-attacks, it’s crucial to keep track of your IT team.
  • Make your employees understand the seriousness: Try to inculcate the importance of the fraud prevention idea on your employees’ minds. And those being sensitive to fraud should be aware that all prior procedures and policies are still in application.
  • Check on the HR team as well: You must ensure that the human resources team keeps an eye on your team members too. And promptly review and investigate any strong suspension.
  • Make everybody aware of your whistleblower line: Ensure that all your contractors, third parties, and employees are aware of the whistleblower line. The line stays completely operational for fraud detection throughout the pandemic.


Fraud detection is essential to take steps against these illegal actions going under the blanket of this global pandemic. Thus, anyone can opt for the above-mentioned preventions to protect their businesses and flourish with success and the trust of the employees even in the pandemic.