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Sentropi AML

Sentropi is a real-time fraud detection service. It is used to detect suspicious transactions by banks and payment gateways. Sentropi also protects websites from account takeover and ID theft. Sentropi employs advanced analytics and machine learning to ascertain transaction patterns and identify fraudulent transactions. Sentropi can provide risk scores for each account holder and transactions.

OfteAt the core of Sentropi is a very flexible rule engine, suitable for multiple financial use cases. The rules can be easily adjusted to new government norms. In addition, Sentropi can support multiple blacklists, which can be maintained by risk management team or automatically. Specific blacklists can be automatically updated based on government directives. If a blacklisted account or person is detected during a transaction, the transaction can be suspended automatically. Sentropi also provides REST API for passive transaction advisory as well.

Sentropi Protect

Account protection

Sentropi offers a real-time solution for identification and prevention of account takeover and fraudulent logins.

We accomplish this by using advanced and accurate device identification.

Our sophisticated technology for activity monitoring and identification keeps track of who is really using your client's credentials and makes it easy to spot potential hackers in the crowd.

Transaction/Payment protection

Prevent the next charge back!

Customers love to buy online! However, it can become a living nightmare for you when the chargebacks start pouring in…

Credit card information is stolen from customers every minute. A skilled hacker with 20 dollars can cause you thousands of dollars of damage.

Sentropi offers a comprehensive solution for real-time identification and prevention of fraudulent transactions and stolen credit card use.

We enable it by providing you an advanced and accurate device identification. Sentropi's innovative and sophisticated activity monitoring identification technology inspects every transaction on your site and provides you with real- time "go\no go" "accept \ deny \ investigate" recommendations.


Do you ever fear someday you will see a charge you don’t recognize?.

Now you will probably try to remember where you have entered your credit card details.

And you start to make calls to your credit card company in order to cancel those charges.

Well, no more!

Sentropay enable online shoppers who are at present time afraid to buy online because of security reasons to pay for their shopping's via an automated outbound IVR pay-over-the phone payment solution.

Sentropi 360

Sentropi 360 provides a single, all-in-one fraud and payment solution that is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use.

Sentropi 360 is designed for businesses operating in card-not-present environments, simplifying fraud detection, increases on site conversion rate and dramatically improving bottom line profitability.

Key features of the service

  • Identify and track your users

  • Identify compromised user accounts in real time!

  • Investigate and create your own 'rules' on the go

  • 24/7 protection

  • Create black lists

  • Personal Virtual terminal

  • Insightful business analysis

  • Access from anywhere

  • Customer support